Let’s give you the strength of the bear by working and earning for you!!!

Bear Investment Plan Breakdown

Bear Investment Plan

N700,000 Capital Investment

Investment Plan A

Investment Capital = N700,000

Interest Rate: 16%

Investment Duration: 6 Months

Return On Investment: N112,000

ROI +Capital = N812,000.00

Investment Plan B

Investment Capital = N700,000

Interest Rate: 34%

Investment Duration: 12 Months

Return On Investment: N238,000

ROI +Capital = N938,000.00

Investment Plan C

Investment Capital = N700,000

Interest Rate: 45%

Investment Duration: 18 Months

Return On Investment: N315,000

ROI +Capital = N1,015,000.00

Investment Plan D

Investment Capital = N1,000,000

Interest Rate: 70%

Investment Duration: 24 Months

Return On Investment: N490,000

ROI +Capital = N1,190,000.00

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