TrucksPoint to train 1000 youth in Agricultural Value Chain

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TrucksPoint Farms & Logistics will be training over 1,000 Nigerian youths on agricultural value chain ranging from product sales, logistic and supply to end users, as part of activities marking the 20th anniversary of Datapoint Microsystem its parent company.

Mr. Lucky Uduikhue, managing director, Datapoint Microsystems, said the training will be offered on-line, on-site and on-board and will cut across the whole country.

“As part of the training, we are coming up with a mobile App which is going to be used to allocate, monitor and trace vehicular movement of packages, goods and farm produce from pick up point in rural areas to delivery point in urban cities. This will be made possible through the entrepreneur youths we have trained, with the support of our TrucksPoint logistic Supply Chain Network that will be used to transport agricultural goods from rural to urban cities.

“The mobile App will assist them in subscribing for our trucks from the comfort of the homes of the accredited participants in the value chain,” he said.

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TrucksPoint is an online marketplace where Business Owners and the Transporters can work together in a transparent and mutually beneficial environment. It is a place where people can request trucks based on size, timing and need of their shipments. 

With freight, hauling and logistics management services at its core, the business has developed a reputation for its on-time and accurate service as well as sophisticated Web, App and software functionality, allowing clients to align their business with TrucksPoint trucking services and scheduling automatically. 

Uduikhue added that Datapoint is going to employ the 1000 youths upon their graduation with its subsidiary TrucksPoint.

He also announced the launch of XpressPoint an ecommerce and retail shops initiative that will be dealing on consumer goods.

“XpressPoint is an online shopping and retailer, with a strong customer base across different states in the country. We are specialized in Mobile Phones, Computers, Gadgets, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Fashion, Beauty, Appliances, and many more.

XpressPoint has developed strategic and innovative resources to take full advantage of the prevailing market trend on behalf of our partners. We are well positioned to take your products to your desired audience.

At XpressPoint, our major competitive advantage is grounded in how we manage our flow of goods throughout the supply chain, the logistics operations and IT system. IT and Logistics particularly constitutes a distinctive capability for us. It allows us to control resources and how they are combined and this constitutes our company’s competitive advantage, hence, we are well positioned in the e-commerce sector to provide you with a completive edge particularly in the area of sales and broader customers reach.

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